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Michelin CrossClimate 2

  • Launch: 2020
  • Season: All Weather
  • Press test wins: 7/11
  • Strength: Well balanced summer & winter performances, excellent wear.
  • Tire Rack score: 9.1/10 (Rank 1st)
  • Consumer Report score: 74/100 (Rank 1st)

The Best All Weather Tire in the Market !

Below is a comprehensive review of the Michelin CrossClimate 2, positioning it as an outstanding all-weather tire option for drivers seeking reliability and performance in various conditions. Here are the key points why:

  1. Innovative Design: The Michelin CrossClimate 2 is a successor to the CrossClimate+ and incorporates the latest technology to enhance grip, durability, and comfort, while minimizing noise levels.
  2. All-Weather Performance: Engineered to perform in wet, dry, and winter conditions, it features a unique tread pattern and rubber compounds for effective traction across different surfaces.
  3. Comparative Advantage: When compared with key rivals like the Continental PureContact LS and the Bridgestone WeatherPeak, the CrossClimate 2 demonstrates superior performance in most categories, including wet and dry handling, as well as snow and ice performance.
  4. Ratings and Longevity: It receives high marks from reputable sources such as Tire Rack and Consumer Reports, notable for its performance, comfort, and noise levels. Its 85,000-mile longevity exceeds industry standards, offering significant value over time.
  5. Value Proposition: Despite a higher initial price, the CrossClimate 2’s durability and performance justify the investment, offering a lower cost per mile thanks to its extended lifespan.
  6. Customer and Expert Approval: The tire’s design and capabilities have earned it top positions in rankings, emphasizing Michelin’s commitment to safety, performance, and innovation.

In conclusion, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 is recommended for its exceptional all-around performance, earning it a top spot among all-season tires. It’s particularly suited for drivers prioritizing safety, longevity, and versatility in changing weather conditions.


Check out our head-to-head comparison (31 !) of the CrossClimate 2 against its competitors.

CrossClimate 2 vs

EU labels

MichelinCrossclimate 2175/65R15 88H XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/60R15 84HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/60R15 88V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/65R15 88HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/65R15 92V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R15 85VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R15 89V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/60R15 88HBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/60R15 92V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/65R15 91HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/65R15 95V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/60R15 95V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/50R16 81HDB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2185/55R16 83VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/45R16 84V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/50R16 88V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R16 87HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R16 87VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R16 91V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/60R16 93H XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/65R16 92VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/45R16 83HDB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/50R16 87YCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R16 91HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R16 91VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R16 91WCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R16 94V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R16 94V XL S1BB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/60R16 92HCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/60R16 96H XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/60R16 96V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/45R16 90V XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R16 93VCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R16 97V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R16 97W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/60R16 95VCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/60R16 99H XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/60R16 99V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/65R16 98HBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/65R16 102V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/50R16 92YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R16 95WCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R16 99W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/60R16 102W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/40R17 84W XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/45R17 88V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/45R17 88W XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/50R17 89VCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/50R17 93V XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/50R17 93W XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R17 91WCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R17 95V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/40R17 87W XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/45R17 91Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/50R17 91WCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/50R17 95W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R17 94VBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R17 98W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/60R17 96HCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/60R17 100V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/65R17 103V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R17 91WCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R17 91YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R17 94V XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R17 94Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/50R17 94WCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/50R17 98V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/50R17 98Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R17 97YBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R17 97Y ZPDB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R17 101W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R17 101Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/60R17 99VBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/45R17 94YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/45R17 97Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R17 99VBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R17 103Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/45R17 95YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/45R17 99Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2255/65R17 110HBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/40R18 89V XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R18 95HCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/55R18 99V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/40R18 92Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R18 95Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R18 95Y XL ZPDB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/45R18 95Y XL S1BB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R18 98VCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/55R18 102V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/60R18 104W XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/40R18 95Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/45R18 94WCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/45R18 98Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/50R18 97VBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/50R18 101Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R18 100VCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R18 104H XL VOLAB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R18 104V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/60R18 107H XL VOLAB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/40R18 93YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/40R18 97Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/45R18 96YCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/45R18 100Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2255/45R18 103Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2265/35R18 97Y XLCB73
MichelinCrossclimate 2155/70R19 88H XLCB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R19 97V XL S1AB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2205/55R19 97V XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2215/50R19 93TBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/40R19 93Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2225/50R19 100V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/35R19 91Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/40R19 96H XL VOLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/40R19 96Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/45R19 99Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/50R19 103V XL VOLAB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2235/55R19 105H XL VOLAB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/40R19 98Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/45R19 102Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2255/40R19 100Y XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2195/55R20 95H XLBB69
MichelinCrossclimate 2245/35R20 95Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2255/35R20 97Y XLCB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2255/40R20 101V XLBB71
MichelinCrossclimate 2275/45R20 110H XL VOLAB71


If you’ve had the chance to use the Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your experience and feedback in the comments below to help others make an informed decision.